CBD Formulation Calculator

Facing challenges when it comes to figuring out the exact quantity of CBD distillate or oil necessary to achieve a specific CBD dosage per tincture, or even other finished products like gummies, creams, etc.? Look no further! Our CBD formulation calculator simplifies the process, effortlessly providing you with the required milligrams and kilograms to attain your desired dosage.

How to Calculate CBD Dosage?

Accurately determining the quantity of CBD distillate or oil required to achieve a precise dosage per bottle is essential for product consistency. To achieve this, take into account both the total volume of your bottle and the desired dosage in milligrams (mg) per serving. Divide the desired dosage by the total number of servings per bottle to ascertain the amount of CBD to incorporate into each serving. Multiply this value by the number of servings in each bottle to calculate the total CBD needed. By following this calculation, you can guarantee that each bottle contains the exact CBD dosage you intend, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

CBD Oil Calculator for Manufacturers & Formulators

How to Calculate Dilution?

With our calculator, remove the uncertainty of determining the right amount of substitute oil needed to dilute distillate or CBD oil extract for your desired dilution. This versatile tool is also ideal for other formulations, including essential oil dilution.

CBD Oil Dilution Calculator

What is CBD Dilution and the problem it raises with THC levels and contaminants such as heavy metals pesticides solvents microbials and mycotoxins

Why CBD Dilution Should Be Taken Seriously

Dilution is the process of reducing a substance’s concentration. But dilution is far from a complex scientific process. We dilute things all the time.

Unfortunately, due to federal restrictions on THC content, even the highest-quality CBD oil needs some “help” to stay compliant.

But the problem doesn’t just apply to THC. Dilution allows a lot of unwanted contaminants to slip below the LOD’s radar.

For instance, the dilution process can potentially hide contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals, posing a health risk to consumers, which could even lead to serious illness.

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