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What is CBT and What Does this Cannabinoid Do?

What is CBT and What Does this Cannabinoid Do?

Of the over 100 known cannabinoids, THC and CBD are household names - but this leaves a huge number of related compounds that receive comparatively little attention. Unfortunately, a strong focus o...
What is Private Label CBD vs. White Label CBD

What is Private Label CBD vs. White Label CBD

Whether new to the CBD industry or looking to expand, selling your products is a huge undertaking. Manufacturing in-house requires a significant investment that isn't realistic for up-and-coming br...
Arvanna THC-Free CBD Oil in a pharmaceutical beaker in our lab

What is THC-Free CBD Oil? Is it Truly THC-Free?

THC - the boogeyman that CBD users avoid - may not be as easy to dodge as we think. By now, health-conscious individuals are flocking to broad-spectrum products due to their high volume of plant co...
What is Phytoremediation in hemp

What is Phytoremediation and What Arvanna Does About It

It’s no secret that industry and human expansion negatively impact the environment. Many conventional cleanup methods exist to deal with severe pollution, but is it possible to use nature instead? ...
What is CBD Dilution and why is it a problem in the CBD industry

What is Dilution and Why Is It a Problem in the CBD Industry

The CBD industry has substantially increased the quality of every extract-based product from cultivation to purification. This begs the question as to whether any other areas of opportunity remain....
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