In-House Analytical Lab

Securing transparency and integrity relies on third-party lab testing through accredited ISO laboratories. However, the significance of in-house lab testing capabilities is equally paramount. This internal capacity empowers manufacturers to conduct real-time, multiple tests, ensuring the correctness, safety, and quality of their processes.

In-House Analytical Lab

Given hemp's inherent ability as a natural phytoremediator—where it effectively absorbs contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides—rigorous testing becomes imperative. 

Beyond subjecting our biomass, hemp extracts, and final products to examination by ISO-certified third-party laboratories that we always provide to our customers, we also employ the identical in-house HPLC instruments utilized by our scientists. This approach allows us to carry out a multitude of tests, ensuring comprehensive quality control and the highest standards of safety.

Innovation at Heart

Innovation is deeply ingrained in the ethos of Arvanna. Our unwavering dedication to continual improvement permeates every facet of our operations, especially when it comes to enhancing our products. However, to foster meaningful investments in Research & Development, a vital component is the ability to conduct ongoing in-house testing. This strategic approach not only accelerates the process by eliminating the need to await external results, but also maximizes efficiency.

This proficiency in conducting in-house tests empowers the Arvanna team to engage in a perpetual cycle of innovation. Our overarching objective of crafting cannabinoid products of the utmost quality and efficacy, ensuring optimal wellness outcomes, remains a cornerstone of our mission. We steadfastly uphold our commitment to ceaseless advancement and pioneering breakthroughs.

Real-time Monitoring and Quality Control

Through our robust in-house testing capabilities, we're equipped for real-time monitoring of processes and products. This empowers us to identify and address issues swiftly, maintaining unwavering quality standards fortified by our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 certifications. 

This agility enables instant corrective measures, enhances efficiency, ensures uninterrupted quality, and fosters unwavering customer trust. Rooted in our commitment to constant advancement, real-time monitoring isn't just a practice – it's a commitment to proactive quality that sets us apart as industry leaders.

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